Daisy Miracle Brennan

On January 31, 2007 a miracle occurred at the UCSD Medical Center. Our daughter, Daisy Miracle Brennan, was born.  After being told a countless number of times that she had a 1 percent chance of surviving the pregnancy, Daisy was delivered via C-section and took a breath and cried. Every day that Daisy lived was another miracle as the amazingly wonderful medical staff at the UCSD Infant Special Care Center (ISCC) treated her multiple issues.

Daisy had many physical challenges, but her fighting spirit gave the staff and our family hope for her future. Daisy’s peaceful nature made her a joy to care for.  She looked darling wearing the special bows made by the nurses and enjoyed dancing with them during the night shift. Daisy spent 2 months in the ISCC before coming home on March 20th—one of the best days of our lives!  Daisy surprised us all by passing milestones she was never expected to reach. Unfortunately, Daisy’s medical issues were more than her fighting spirit could overcome.  After two loving months at home and at the very young age of 4 months old, Daisy Miracle passed away in our arms on Memorial Day 2007.

Daisy was truly an inspiration and provided us with motivation to help other infants in need.  She gave our family so much in her brief life, and we want to spend the rest of ours giving back to honor her spirit and fight.

We miss Daisy with all our hearts.

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